C120 Ride-On Floor Sweeper

Short Description:

C120 is a fully automatic driving sweeper with a compact design and flexible operation that integrates sweeping and suction. It has a powerful vacuum system to prevent fine dust from raising dust. Leaves, stones, cigarette butts, wood chips, iron chips Waiting for garbage can be easily handled.



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Technical Specifications

Model No. C120
Max. Performance 7800m2/h
Number of Brushes 2PCs
Sweeping Width 1300mm
Continuous Working Time 3-4hours
Water Tank Capacity 50L
Trash Bin Capacity 85L
Voltage 36V
Grade Ability 30%
Max Forward Speed 7km/h
Number of Nozzles 2PCs
Braking Method Disc Brake and hand brakes
Main/Side Brush Lifting Method Automatic (one key operation)
Turning Radius 900mm (Turn in place)
Machine Net Weight 340Kgs
Product Dimensions(L*W*H) 1485*1300*1010mm
Packing Dimension (L*W*H) 1655*1235*1280mm

Product Features:

1. One-button control, easy operation, automatic lifting of the main brush and side brush, electric vibration dust, good filter cartridge cleaning effect;

2. Three-wheeled chassis design, small turning radius, even small spaces and roads can be cleaned freely;

3. High-quality front-wheel drive, stepless speed regulation, flexible control and reliable performance;

4. Double-cylinder filter device, first-class effect, waterproof filter screen, long service life;

5. Horizontal side brush motor with worm gear reducer, rare earth DC low-speed main brush motor, the service life is twice that of ordinary motors, ensuring the stability of the overall performance;

6. Adopt hydraulic disc brake to ensure operation safety;

7. Large-capacity rotomolding water tank, continuous spraying to reduce dust.


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