C100 Hand Push Floor Sweeper

Short Description:

C100 Hand-push Sweeper is particularly suitable for the places such as hall, airport lounges and departure waiting rooms, hospitals, factories, residential roads and so on. It is free from dust and noise when cleaning, and can flexible shuttle in the crowds; lightweight structure, convenient pushing and simple maintenance.

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Technical Specifications

Model No. C100
Max. Performance >4000m2/h
Cleaning Width >1000m
Main Brush Length 400mm
Side Brush Diameter 400mm
Voltage 12V
Continuous Working Time >4h
Trash Bin Capacity >30L
Power 220W
Filter Area 1.5m2
Machine Weight 65Kgs
Machine Size 1000x1300x1000mm
Packing Size 1000x980x610mm

Product Features

1. Sweeping width of 1,000mm, efficiently clean your ground.

2. Integrated with sweeping and vacuuming in one, fully functional,and sprinkling function is optional.

3. Main brush can be adjusted without tools, easy and convenient to use.

4. High-power Italian imported motor, effectively control dust.

5. Adopt the new material for the tyre, prolong the service life.

6. The simple operate panel makes easy operation.

7. Compact structure and ergonomically designed to ensure maximum operation comfort.

8. Foldable push rod,Convenient storage.

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